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Everyone knows that tobacco is bad for your lungs – and most of your systemic health. However, it’s also terrible for your oral health. In fact, regular tobacco use puts you at risk for myriad oral health issues, including periodontal disease.

That’s why our team here at Dental Partners Longwood encourages you to be knowledgeable about the health risks of tobacco use.

Cosmetically, the tar and chemicals in tobacco cause deep stains your teeth and give you pervasive and chronic bad breath. The only way to effectively whiten your smile is with your dentist’s professional tooth-bleaching treatment. If you continue to use tobacco after your teeth have been whitened, the same staining issues will return.

Extensive research has found a link between tobacco use and at least eight major types of oral cancer. At the same time, oral and pharyngeal cancers tend to occur earlier and with greater complications in tobacco users.

If you have oral surgery, tobacco use will increase recovery time. Also, the irritation to the gum tissues will greatly increase your risk of an infection.

If you’re a regular tobacco user, or were at some point, then you need to come into Dental Partners Longwood and visit with Dr. Guarnieri as soon as possible to ensure that your oral health can be brought back to the highest level possible.